Dear CSA Members, 


Please tell your professional squash contacts to visit our website. The CSA wants to help talented and accomplished squash professionals, from all over the country, visit Colorado. 


The CSA is a free platform squash professionals can leverage to conduct business in Colorado. Professionals who want to host an event can use this platform to find a club, set up registration, and collect payments in a small amount of time without incurring any costs. 


If you know a pro who is interested in coming to Colorado the simple three-step process is outline below. We have volunteers who can assist you.  


1: (Marketing) First, we shop the market and create a buzz. Contact with your proposal (description, logo, dates, highlights from your career, etc). We will post your information on the CSA social media feed and our monthly newsletter that reaches the entire Colorado squash community. If you have an idea, we want to help. Our answer will always be YES, let's see who is interested. 


2: (Registration) Once we confirm a location for your event, we create an online registration form. Online registration forms are serviced by Mail Chimp which makes it simple to track participation rates and payment information prior to the start of your event. All registration fees are transferred directly to you via WePay or Paypal. You will never need to keep track of checks or cashWe can also provide you with custom liability waivers that give you legal protection from accidental injury. 


3: (Host Event) Fly in, pay your court usage fees to your respective club, host your event, enjoy the beautiful state of Colorado (skiing, hiking, climbing, rafting, fishing, hunting, ...), make new friends, catch up with old friends, fly home, and never pay the CSA a penny. 


We have many host families that look forward to welcoming you and there are many squash clubs that are eager to open their doors to inspirational professionals who can help grow the sport in their respective club.